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Hello! I'm 14 and still practicing my drawing skill. You can call me Ranya. Nice to have you come by. Feel free to comment and watch my gallery. Donate to support me if you want to. Every point will be appreciated.

Request : Ask me
Comimission : Open
Art trade : Ask me
Role play : Rarely
Collabs : Ask me

To-do list :

Thai language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Chinese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy


I'm sorry for not be active for a while. ;w;

I've been so busy again with schoolwork. I will reply comment after I can get through then. Sorry for who requested me, for the commissioner, I'll post it as soon as I can. QwQ
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The Grinner : SV/CP OC - Ref
( See more of the details here : )

Real name : Waranya Ketkaew

Nickname : Zane, the Grinner, the red hooded or Fon (former nickname whn she was an ordinary person).

Age : 15 Years Old

DOB : 29 June

Birthplace : Chacheongsao, Thailand.

Height : 5' 2"

Gender : Female / Heterosexual

Nationality : Thai

Weapon (s) : Handgun, pocket knife, brass knuckles and rope (rarely).

Species : (Human) Slenderman's Proxy

Languages Spoken : English, Thai and (a bit) Spanish. (Trying sign language.)

Hair color : Dark

Eyes color : Brown

Skin color : Tan (light-brown)

Likes : Funny jokes, reading novel and comic, red, black, honesty, exciting, creative, love, macaron, knowledge (only that she interested.) and cute animals.

Dislikes : Rudeness, racialism, strictly rules,  fool, exploitation, gaudy people, annoying people and pretense.

Fears : Disappointing Slenderman and loneliness.

Short backstory : Fon was born in a rich family. Before Thailand's economy trouble that caused her dad to lose his job, her childhood life was bright, soft and warm. After the troubles, her life instantly begins to decline. Her family was in debt with a loan shark, her brother becomes a bully to try to get his parents attention because their parents have to work all day just to earn a living. But she deeply loves and cares for her family.

(Skipping to how she becomes a proxy)
No one knows the reason why Slenderman choose her but he's trying to change her. All this began when she was in 7th grade when her school went on a camping trip. She's heard the stories of Slenderman and the Pastas, but she brushed them off as simple camping stories told to scare children into behaving. But what she doesn't know is that some camp stories are real.

Her suffering of paranoia and unsafeness lasted for about half a year. Finally on New Year's night, for the first time, her family were together. She was happy for this day. But on this special day, tragedy hit. 

Hallucinating and thinking everyone at the dinner table were monsters, she defended herself. Grabbing a kitchen knife, she stabbed all the monsters at the dinner table. Once she felt back to her usual self, she saw her family's lifeless bodies. She also noticed the bloody knife she was holding.She caused her families early death. Because of her, her family is dead. Ever since that painful day, she never felt pain erver again. 

As she mourned for her families death, Slenderman appeared beside her. He made an offer to her after she calmed down. Either she stays with her human life where she is forever alone and go to prison or she becomes Slenderman's Proxy to live a in a better world. She made her choice and disappeared from society.

But that's not what she can remember. She still thinks that night, Slenderman's who come to help her after she had attacked by the bony monsters who had killed everybody in her family. Slenderman's her saver who saved her life and give the new better way to live so she really respects and admires him for the whole soul.

Personality : As you see her for the first time. You may feel she's friendly causes she's always be in good mood. Zane's polite for everyone but if you be closer to her. You'll see she's more chatty (just a bit). She like confab about philosophy or something she's never know before. But for close friends. She love to crack a joke and see them smile. She respect people as their intelligence and merit. She's not the girl who serious for everything that come to her life. She can get along with various people causes open-minded. She always see and care others' feeling. She can be a good advisor for who's giving up. She has a bit psychological skill that she try to learn to be psychologist that she can be if she's an ordinary

Abilities :

-Muai Thai

Killing-style : Shoot the victims to make them die as fast as they can, stab them with the pocket knife to die quickly, knock them down before hang them.

Reason of killing : Only to defend herself or it's Slenderman's command.

What does she do as the Proxy
: She can do anything if it's Slenderman's order. The most of her missions is killing whoever Slenderman wants them to die. And others are stalking and training new proxy.

Hobbies : Read comic and fiction, learn something that her interested, spend her time with Berton and help anything that he wants if it'll not go against Proxy's rules, disguise and get to ordinary people community.

Current address : Somewhere in the Slenderman forest.

Strengthens :

-Smart. She can solve facing problem very well.
-Calmness. Though she's really look like cheerful and chatty. But during her job. She's pretty cool.
-Flexibility. She can adjust to almost every events.
-Positive-minded. It's hard to make her sad, fear or be silly.

Weaknesses :

- She's just a human.

Particularities :

-Her right eye's fake eyeball but it can used as normal.
-Always wear red outfits. But she can change to the dark one when she do the mission that she has to hide too.
-Flat breast.
-Berton helped her life for many times. He'll take care of her after she get hurt from missions (or wherever). At the first time they met. Grinner lost her way and got to get rest at Berton's abandoned hospital. Nobody knows why Berton didn't use the losing people as his guinea pig like he always. Maybe he saw he can use the Grinner if she's alive. But anyway, Grinner think she has owed Berton a lot and has to pay for it.  After all, they become close friend because helping others. Berton'll take care if she get hurt and Grinner'll help him from his enemies.

Friends/Allies :

- Dr.Berton - My another CP OC
- N.T. (No Tongue.) - Tweetmeat  

- Coyote Child (Who Zane loves to call Ronnie.) - TRIPLE84E 
- Patient Zero - Dreammer-Bey 
- The Rose - Midnight-WolfAngelX 
- Camouflage - TRIPLE84E 
- Lizzie Drowned - Quiryuz 
- Zero - PurpleGuytheKiller 

Rivals/Enemy (OPEN) :

- Dengineer - MeriamDollDead 

Last update : 06/16/2017

And thank you my Editor chainsaw-maniac 


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Noirramoss Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Forgot to ask (I should've asked you this question earlier but I keep forgetting ;u; ), would you mind telling me how long will your commission stay open? Is it always open or until you reached your goal or...? //Thanks!
IamRanya Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You can ask me anything, don't be too worry. XD

I plan to open my commission as long as I'm on DA... That would be many year or maybe til the they I die. XD

But it's sure that the price will raise, depend on how I think how quality of my drawing. And I will keep it not too expensive, I still understand how people who can't draw by themselves feel when see some nice arts but cannot commission the artist. But the price of my commission probably stay the same for this year. :)
Noirramoss Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so happy to know that! Thank you very much for the answer X3 //Just wanna let you know that I'm still aiming for your TB style commission but gotta earn more points for simple background and weapon LOL //If the shaded TB style full body + simple background = 125 points then will you charge the extra fee for adding character's weapon? Asking just in case if I need to save more points before commissioning ;u;
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TRIPLE84E Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
How is the Grinner today? ^^
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